Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Albertsons Trip Yesterday

I almost didn't go to Albertsons yesterday. We (meaning my children) were having serious issues. Although we didn't make out the door in time for the kindergartener to get to school due to a hungry baby, a spilled (full)cup of milk, a puppy peeing on the floor, a potty-trainer peeing on the floor, etc.... we did get to Albertsons a little bit later. To my surprise the kids were pretty good (if you don't count one tantrum and one bloody nose) and I scored some awesome deals!! Here's how I did:
I got:
1- 10lb ham
20- cans of pork n' beans
11- cans of dices tomatoes
7- cans of refried beans
5- cans of ravioli
2- cans of Rotel tomatoes
1- bottle of Kraft salad dressing
6- boxes ofHamburger Helper
4- boxes of gourmet popcorn
4- boxes of fruit roll-ups
4- boxes of Nature Valley granola bars
2- Snack Pack 4ct. puddings
3- boxes of blueberry muffin mix
4- pkgs. of cookie mix
4- tubs of frosting
2- boxes of toaster pastries
1- box of Warm Delights
4- Green Giant Steamers
3- Kids Cuisine frozen meals
4- Healthy Choice frozen meals
6- Marie Callendars frozen meals
10- Banquet frozen meals
I did a total of four transactions

Here is what I paid: $52.86 before tax

$60.15 including tax

Total Savings: $213.35!!

Plus I got a $1 catalina for the Old Elpaso beans

AND I will get a $13 rebate for my ham

That is about an 80% savings on my groceries this week!!!

AND I am now up to .55 off per a gallon at Albertsons Express! Yay for super cheap gas!!!

You CAN do this too!! It is not difficult, it just takes a little time. And it is well worth it!


  1. Great job on the shopping! Congratulations also on your gift card over at Moneysavingmethods. I plan on trying my first one this month. I have a pretty crazy house as well with 5.

  2. WOW!!!! Amazing. Great job!