Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Great Week At Walgreens

Check out all this stuff I got for FREE! Walgreens had some awesome deals going with Register Rewards this week. Here is a list of my freebies:
  • Sunsilk Shampoo
  • Sunsilk Conditioner
  • Edge Shaving Gel
  • Skintimate Shaving Gel
  • Two Degree for Men Trial Size Deoderants
  • Two Degree for Women Trial Size Deoderants
  • Two Colgate MaxWhite Toothbrushes
  • Two Chapstick True Shimmer
  • Three 18pc. packs of Scunci Hair Elastics

Since these items are from this last week's ad I won't share any of the details but in my next post I will list all the deals for this up coming week!

Here are some tips when dealing with Register Rewards:

  • First you must purchase the product and once your transaction has been completed your register rewards will print. You can then use that RR for future transactions.
  • You cannot "roll" register rewards(RR) on the same item. For example, this means that if you were to use a RR from your first chapstick purchase to buy another chapstick, a new RR would not print. However, if you were to use the $2 RR from your chapstick to buy a pack of hair elastics, you would recieve a $2 RR for the hair elastics that could then be used on the chapstick and so on.
  • Only one RR will print per promotion/per transaction. Ex: If you buy three chapsticks you will only get one $2 RR, not three. However if you bought one chapstick and one pack of hair elastics you would get one RR for the chapstick and one RR for the hair elastics.
  • You can use coupons to minimize your out-of-pocket(OOP) expense and to make money. Ex: The MaxWhite toothbrushes were $3.49 each but I had a $1 off coupon for each one, so my OOP was only $2.49 but I still recieved a $3.50 RR. Because of those coupons I made $2.00 on those transactions.
  • When you use a RR to pay for a transaction it cannot be for more than the things that you are buying and it cannot pay for the tax. The tax is OOP. I know, bummer, huh. :(
  • RR's count as a coupon. At Walgreens you can only have as many coupons as you have items. Ex: If you want to pay for your MaxWhite toothbrush with a RR and use your $1 off coupon, you have to add a filler item (a cheap pencil, candy, something you need anyway) to even out your item/coupon ratio. Two items/ two coupons. This is the same with larger transactions as well.
  • Always use your RR's last. The order in which you hand your coupons to the cashier seems to make a difference on your total for whatever reason. This is the best order found so far: 1. Manufacturers coupons 2. Instant Value Coupons (from the monthly EasySaver Catalog at the front of the store) 3. In-ad coupons (from the weekly Walgreens ad) 4. Register Rewards This way will allow for any possible overage!

As always let me know if you have any questions! Happy Saving!

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