Saturday, March 14, 2009

Free 8 Piece Salad Set at Brylane Home!

This is my first time ordering from BrylaneHome. I got such a great deal that I know I'll be ready to order again when a new promotion comes out!! Thanks to Carrie over at Money Saving Methods for letting us know about this great deal!
In two transactions I ordered 1 kitchen utensil set with bonus wooden spoons, 1 colorful knife set, and 2 free 8 piece salad sets. After using a $10 gift certificate and after recieving a $10 rebate I will have paid around $3 for all of it including shipping!!!
Click here and head over to where Carrie has step-by-step instructions on how you can do the exact same thing! On her home page just scroll down until you see the post about the Free Salad Set.
At BrylaneHome their promotions are always changing so make sure to take advantage of this soon, who knows how long it will last. If you miss out on this deal, keep checking back here for their next great promo!

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